Best Virtual WiFi Router Software to Share Lan Connection

WiFi is used everywhere 24/7, connecting tons of our laptops and devices to it. We all have a WiFi router to access internet wirelessly at home or in the office, making the connection easier and less costly.


Best Virtual WiFi Router Software to Share Lan Connection


What You Need to Go Online Wirelessly

1. Purchase a WiFi router (usually the ones under $100 will do);
2. Connect the WiFi router to a cable or DSL modem;
3. Connect your laptop or other devices to the WiFi hotspot. Done!


What You Need to Go Online Wirelessly


See? You need a wireless router to get started. But you don’t get a WiFi router anywhere, especially while you stay in a hotel, at a dorm room or somewhere else with limited internet connection solution. Buying a WiFi router can be troublesome if the store is too far and you need the connection like right away. What can you do?

Turn to the Best Virtual WiFi Router Software for Help

Free WiFi Hotspot, as free virtual WiFi router software, can save the money and effort you are about to spend on an actually WiFi router. You don’t have to drive miles away to look for the stores, you don’t need to buy the router online and wait days for the delivery and you don’t even have to ditch the existed router or re-lay those massive cables.


Download Free WiFi Hotspot


Free WiFi Hotspot can work like a WiFi router to share LAN connection or any other types of networks so that you won’t need to suffer from all the aforesaid troubles. It works for free, and literally, you don’t need to buy any extra hardware/software.


How to Share Lan and Other Connections with Free WiFi Hotspot

Free WiFi is designed with simplicity in mind to help anyone all users to get their own WiFi network established. It takes only 3 steps to set up your WiFi hotspot.

1. Download, install and launch Free WiFi Hotspot (It is small sized and very easy to download and install on your Windows)

2. Set the SSID and password (You can use the default ones but it is strongly recommended to reset them for security’s sake)

Set the SSID and password

3. Choose the LAN connection you want to share and hit “Start” button – now you can find and connect to the WiFi hotspot you create on your devices (If you want to share other types of network, just choose them from the “Share From” menu, which will list all the available connections you have)

Choose Connection

That’s all you need to do – sitting in your chair and click some buttons!


More Free WiFi Hotspot Benefits – Limitless Windows Virtual WiFi Router Software

Free WiFi Hotspot can do more to bring you convenience. Just a simple download can turn your Windows laptop into a WiFi router. It does not limit you in speed or the amount of devices connected.


More Free WiFi Hotspot Benefits


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