Free WiFi Hotspot 8 Years Old

Today is the 8 birthday of Free WiFi Hotspot! After years of development, programming the software and building up our service to support all users all over the world, Free WiFi Hotspot has now become one of the leading brand names in WiFi hotspot industry. We face difficulties, we learn, and we work harder to meet the challenge of change. 8 years, our crew along with 16 Million users make it happen!

Let’s review the top milestones we have created together:

October, 2009: Free WiFi Hotspot version 1.0 was released. It’s the first non-testing version created by a group of 6 dedicated persons and they are: Leighton Asmund (Chief Software Engineer), Maitri Simran (Software Engineer), Harrison Beyer (Software Designer), Phillis Macy (Chief Editor), Hadley Clayton (Web Developer) and Christer Powell (Marketing Manager).
December, 2009: Free WiFi Hotspot gained its page on of CNet (
December, 2009: Free WiFi Hotspot’s official website ( was esablished, providing software introductions, supportive materials and service that Free WiFi Hotspot’s users need.
January, 2011: Free WiFi Hotspot gained its first 1 million users.
August, 2011: A major update was released, which aimed to give users a brand-new experience with WiFi sharing.

And more achievements are coming… Thanks to YOU!

Thanks for being a part of our growth and building up our success!

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