Top 10 WiFi Routers 2019

The Internet is an essential aspect of our lives; there is almost nothing we can accomplish without it. These days, the internet covers more than 85% of our activities, our work even our leisure. Sometimes the competition between various devices like smartphones tablets, laptops, media streams and other devices in your home could reduce your internet speed when you need them the most.

Top 10 WiFi Routers 2019

Regardless of how fast your network is, you need to be able to maintain a stable connection to meet your needs. Having to deal with bad signals could be frustrating, that is where the WiFi router comes in, it works as an extension for your internet network.

You can either be a power user or a regular user, but you may need the WiFi router to work and surf the web, or for stronger signals and bandwidth for gaming.

How to Choose a WiFi Router

You need a WiFi router that would improve range, connectivity and also assure you of security, so instead of just going along with whatever jargon a retailer would tell you about your devices, there are a few things that would determine the WiFi router you should select.

How to Choose a WiFi Router

  • Your internet’s top speed
  • Local service internet provider
  • Do you need a modem or a router?
  • Your Budget
  • Width of the connection you need
  • Number of devices to connect
  • Router speed and range
  • Type of security
  • Other users review
  • Available customer service

These would give enough tip on the specific WiFi Router that would meet your requirements.

Top WiFi Routers 2018 (Review)

There are a lot of WiFi routers everywhere, but you would prefer to buy one that can you stream browse and play your online games better without interruptions. We have selected ten of them as the best WiFi router, no matter what you intend to do with your network connection, any of these would meet your need.

So get your internet up to speed with WiFi routers that can deliver, we would mention their specifications and also describe each of their functions.

1. Asus ROG Rapture GT-AC5300


  • Network Speed – IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, AC5300 Tri-Band WiFi
  • Connectivity- 8x Gigabit Ethernet ports, 2x USB 3.0
  • Features – WTFast, 8 external antennae, 1.8GHz quad-core CPU, 256MB flash memory


The Asus GT-AC5300 is an excellent high-end router which boasts of speed, range, and is ideally suited for gaming enthusiasts. In addition to its fast performance and wide Wi-Fi range, this router packs a lot of game-enhancing features like the game booster that prioritizes gaming traffic and gives you excellent gaming experience.

When it comes to routers with speed, the Asus GT-AC5300 is one of the fastest; it has dual Ethernet ports and a host of additional gaming features. You can also configure the router to prioritize your gaming rig to ensure that your console is favored with a majority share of bandwidth.

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2. Netgear Nighthawk X10 AD7200 smart WiFi router


  • Network Speed – 802.11ac/ad Quad-Stream WiFi Router
  • Connectivity- 6x Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports, 2x USB 3.0
  • Features – Link Aggregation, Plex media server, Dynamic QoS, additional DFS channel


Netgear Nighthawk X10 AD7200 smart Wi-Fi router is a feature packed router suited for large homes with many devices. Although on the expensive side, the router can deliver high-speed wireless and wired speed as a result of its 802.11ad Wi-Fi technology.

The Netgear Nighthawk X10 AD7200 smart Wi-Fi router can manage a large number of devices while still maintaining its lightning fast speed giving you excellent value for your money.

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3. Asus RT-AC86U AC2900 Router


  • Network Speed – 802.11ac Dual-band (2.4 + 5 GHz) AC2900 wireless router
  • Connectivity- USB 2.0 port, USB 3.1 Gen 1 port
  • Features – WTFast, MU-MIMO, 3 external antennas, 1.8GHz 32bit Dual-Core processor, NitroQAM technology.


If you’re looking for a router to enhance your online experience capable of delivering high video streaming speeds, a seamless online gaming experience, and a high level of security capable of keeping your network safe from malicious devices, then look no further than the Asus RT-AC86U AC2900 Router.

Coming in at a relatively lower cost than similar routers, the Asus RT-AC2900 Router is easy to use, install and configure. The router is easily customizable, guarantees security, and boosts your gaming bandwidth, efficiently prioritizing gaming activities to ensure you get great online gaming or streaming experience.

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4. D-link AC 1200 Wi-Fi router DIR-842


  • Network Speed – AC1200 (5GHz: 867Mbps; 2.4GHz: 300Mbps)
  • Connectivity- 4x Gigabit LAN Ethernet Port
  • Features –MU-MIMO, 4 external antennas, Dual Band, 802.11ac WiFi, WPA or WPA2 security.


The D-link AC 1200 Wi-Fi router DIR-842 comes in as one of the inexpensive routers to be featured in our list of high-end routers. The router is easy to install and strikes the right balance between price, features, and performance.

Although lacking some essential features found in high-end end routers, it still has the advantage of easy usage and management setting—including parental control and guest networking—and customizability.

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5. LINKSYS WRT32X Gaming Router


  • Network Speed – 2.4GHz, and 5GHz 1.9Gbps
  • Connectivity – 4 x Gigabit Ethernet ports, USB 1, USB 2.0/eSATA port, USB 3.0 port
  • Features – Led indicators, MU-MIMO, 4 removable antennas, 160Mhz Tri-Stream 160


If you have a slower network and a killer network-enabled computer that interferes with your gaming experience, then you need the LINKSYS WRT32X Router. The Routers will prioritize your network traffic and speed up your gaming sessions. This router is a solid gaming router that is easy to set up, easy to configure and easy to use.

When it comes to design, this router stands out; it comes with led indicators, internet, USB1, USB2.0/eSATA port, USB3.0 port, 2.4GHz, and 5GHz. With speed over 1.9Gbps, it is highly dependent, and this could be the best for your gaming experience.

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6. TRENDnet AC2600 MU-MIMO Router


  • Network Speed – 4GHZ: 800Mbps and 5GHz: 1,733Mbps
  • Connectivity – 4 x Gigabit ports, USB 3.0, DC Adapter
  • Features – Isolated network for guest users, WiFi N- bands, MU-MIMO, 4 external antennas


Experience the internet as a lifestyle with the TRENDnet AC2600 MU-MIMO that stands out of the crowd. This router enables you to process multiple data all at once on different devices. With so many devices connected, you can catch up on all the latest happenings and still enjoy your gaming sessions in one connection.

The router features a concurrent dual-band quad-stream generates a speed of 1,733Mbps Wi-Fi AC and 800Mbps Wi-Fi N bands. It increases real-time performance by redirecting the stronger wireless signals to your location. It conveniently creates an isolated network for guest only internet access and shields your data from the public eye.

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7. Linksys EA6350 AC 1200 Dual-Band Wireless Router


  • Network Speed – 5GHz: 867Mbps, 2.4GHz: 300Mbps
  • Connectivity – 4 gigabit LAN ports, 1 WAN port, and 1 USB 3.0 port
  • Features – MU-MIMO, two removable antennas, and dual-band11ac


If you have a small home/apartment with no use for an advanced network, then the Linksys EA6350 AC 1200 is the best for you. Unlike another router, the Linksys EA6350 AC 1200 Dual Band Wireless Router is easy to install and configure and it delivers very fast at 5GHz. It can get up to 73Mbps to nearby devices and at least 40Mbps in 30-foot away.

The router has a gray trim with a single status light that dissects the top of the enclosure. With so many devices connected, you can catch up on all the latest happenings and still enjoy your gaming sessions in one connection.

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8. Netgear Nighthawk pro gaming XR500


  • Network Speed – IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, AC2600 Dual-Band
  • Connectivity- 5x Gigabit Ethernet ports (1 WAN & 4 LAN), 2x USB 3.0
  • Features- Dual-core7GHz processor, 4 external antennas, Geo Filter, Gaming Dashboard, Network monitor, Gaming VPN.


As important as graphics performance is to online gamers, so is bandwidth, and not all routers can offer enough gaming experience. The Netgear Nighthawk pro gaming XR500, on the other hand, promises a smooth gaming process, by helping you monitor the memory, CPU usage, bandwidth and latency with a gamer-friendly interface.

This device uses a gamer-centric operating system, and apart from the high performance, it is easy to install. You can also prioritize your network traffic with the Geo-Filter feature.

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9. TP-Link AC2300 wireless MU-MIMO Gigabit router


  • Network Speed – AC2300 (5GHz: 1625Mbps; 2.4GHz: 600Mbps)
  • Connectivity- 1x 3.0 USB, 1x 2.0 USB, 4x Gigabit Ethernet LAN Ports
  • Features – MU-MIMO, Tri-band Wi-Fi, Dual-core 64-Bit CPU, 3 external antennas, TP-Link Homecare


One thing that should be associated with the TP-Link AC2300 wireless router is long range and blazing speed; it uses a Multi-User MIMO technology that allows easy connection of multiple devices with no speed loss.

The device includes TP-Link Homecare for the quality of service option, robust antivirus, malware protection, and parental control. The WiFi router provides a safe and secure network for you, all it may require is just a few minutes for a quick set up of the tether App on your Android or iOS.

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10.Samsung ET-WV520B Single connect home AC 1300 Router


  • Network Speed – AC1300 (5GHz: 866Mbps; 2.4GHz: 400Mbps)
  • Connectivity- 2 x Gigabit Ethernet per Wifi point
  • Features – MU-MIMO, Smart-home hub, Tri-band Wi-Fi, Smart device management


Amidst other top WiFi Routers, the Samsung Connect home stands out with a stylish design good enough to fit perfectly into your home unnoticed. The device is a smart WiFi system that functions works as a SmartThing hub which connects with compatible cameras, voice assistants, lights, and so much more.

The Samsung Connect home has a coverage of up to 1,500 square feet covering every corner of your home, so you are allowed to manage your home and your daily activities right from the palm of your hand.

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Best Virtual WiFi Router

Now we’ve listed the best WiFi routers on Amazon which you can purchase to upgrade your network! But sometimes you just have to stay a place without wireless network temporarily but you don’t want to pack a router in your luggage – a free virtual WiFi router is all you need to turn the existed network into wireless network.

Free WiFi Hotspot

Free WiFi Hotspot is the free WiFi router software you need, which can turn any kinds of network into WiFi signals to share with your devices. 3 steps to turn your laptop into a WiFi router!

Download Free WiFi Hotspot

  • Set the SSID & password.
  • Choose the network.
  • Hit “Start”! 

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